Monday 26 March 2018

Top five reasons people fail their driving tests

Top 5 reasons people fail their practical driving test.
According to the GOV website in 2017 there were certain reasons why people tend to fail their practical driving test. We've picked out the top 5.

Junctions (observation)
Observation at a junction was the top reason why people tend to fail their driving test. People tend to not observe effectively when they are approaching a junction. You can get marked a fault if the examiner believes that: 
You aren't efficiently observing when you approach a junction
If you don't observe efficiently when you are emerging into the path of another vehicle.
And ALWAYS make sure it is safe before proceeding.

Mirrors – (change direction)
People tend to fail due to mirrors because they don't check mirrors when they change their speed. People tend to get caught out not checking their mirrors when they are pulling up and they also forget to use both their rear view mirror and wing mirrors. 
However some times there are people who are using their mirrors but still tend to fail. This is because they are using their mirrors too late and therefore rendering the use of mirrors pointless. People need to remember not only to use their mirrors but also to use them at the right time.

 Control (steering) 
So steering is an important part of driving, hence why it's so important to get right. Now most people tend to fail because they are mounting and dismounting the curb and just not controlling their steering properly. When driving it is important to maintain a steady course when driving so you drive safely and of course minimising the risk of causing an accident. So when on your test just remember to keep control of the steering at all times! 

Junctions (turning right) 
When turning right at a junction you must remember to position the car correctly so that it doesn't cut any corners when turning. This is why many people tend to fail. Also people are forgetting to check for cyclists and motorcyclists and pedestrians crossing the road. Of course this is very dangerous so it is very important to remember. You don't want to be running a dog or anyone over, so always remember to check for these things.
Move off (safely)
Moving off from the side off the road can seem straight forward. However it's easier said than done. People tend to fail on their tests because they aren't looking when they are moving away from the road, so they aren't checking to see if there are any cars coming up from behind them and looking around for pedestrians. Also the control of the car is very important when you are moving away from the side of the road. People tend to stall the car when trying to move away safely, attempt this with the hand break on and some also tend to roll back when attempting this. So you must remember to look around when you move away and also have control of the car.

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