Tuesday 6 March 2018

The wonderful snow..

So this blog post is starting out differently to usual. Today's post is about the weather lateley…

Yes the dreaded snow, where do we start? So up and down the country it's affected areas differently. Here in Chesterfield it's caused people to be snowed in which caused our office to be shut Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday. Yes the kids loved the snow days not being at school, however drivers up and down the country had other thoughts about the snow.

Snow is beautiful and gorgeous however is can be dangerous. The snow caused the M62 to close as people were stuck for almost 12 hours. On the 1st of March it was reported that there were 40 incidents involving the snow.

To be safe when weather like this strikes be sure that your tyres have adequate tread, pack for the worst (blankets shovels, snacks, drinks etc. in the boot) and make sure that there is a safe stopping distance between the car in front of you and then when
the snow gets really bad only travel if absolutely necessary. Just remember to be safe on the roads. Hopefully this is the last we see of the snow for a while now... fingers crossed.

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